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Re: Smiley Faces
« on: March 19, 2011, 04:13:27 pm »
If we get the opportunity at the Cove, I'd really appreciate a lesson in whole blackened fish preparation as well as the finer points of getting more out of each fish.  You're the master!  (bowing down smiley...  Hey, we need a thread about needing more smileys!   ;))

I will bring my heavy duty camp stove, jumbo sized skillet, whole jar of oil and all my spices...whole rockfish/cabezon will be on the menu for sure!!!  ;D

My skillet can fit a whole 18-19 inch fish...anything bigger I gotta either chop the head off and do along side or filet....of course if you filet you can still fry the head or use it (and the rest of the carcass) in a soup!!

The head/skeleton soup is Ana's domain....I just know how to pick all the meat off the bones and fins after it is all boiled up in in brothy goodness!!