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Re: Smiley Faces
« on: March 19, 2011, 03:19:21 pm »
I'm loving the avatar parallel!   :)

Yeah but yours is're gonna give me Ling envy!!  ;) LMAO!!!!!


I'm man enough to admit that I didn't catch that one!  Loved the pic I got from posing with it though!   :D  That was the biggest kayak-caught ling I've witnessed at 28 pounds.  We never used to measure them back then.  I've caught several over 20 and up to 24 pounds/40", but that 28 and another 24 that my other buddy caught that day were really nice lings.  I gaffed both and had them in my bag - it was the evening that I toted that bag up to the trucks with 52 pounds of ling before I realized what I was doing - love getting that jacked up on fishing!!   ;D


Those are all HUGE lings!!!

The one in my pic was "only" 16 pounds and 34.25 biggest thoughl!!

Biggest fish I have seen diving and was lucky enough to have it be Ling season still and even more lucky to be able to get her with one clean shot!!
Fed all my wifes family off one filet and a soup from the head and bones, and then froze the other filet for a feast with my parents when they were out visiting for Thanksgiving!!

Ate every gram of that Ling except the skin we took off the filets and the bones that were left over after the soup!!

Good times!!!!!