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Re: Smiley Faces
« on: March 19, 2011, 02:52:58 pm »
I'm loving the avatar parallel!   :)

Yeah but yours is're gonna give me Ling envy!!  ;) LMAO!!!!!


I'm man enough to admit that I didn't catch that one!  Loved the pic I got from posing with it though!   :D  That was the biggest kayak-caught ling I've witnessed at 28 pounds.  We never used to measure them back then.  I've caught several over 20 and up to 24 pounds/40", but that 28 and another 24 that my other buddy caught that day were really nice lings.  I gaffed both and had them in my bag - it was the evening that I toted that bag up to the trucks with 52 pounds of ling before I realized what I was doing - love getting that jacked up on fishing!!   ;D
See you OTW!