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Hookups / Coming to Humboldt 8-2 through 8-4 2011
« on: July 25, 2011, 07:20:02 pm »
This SoCal guy is gonna be up in Humboldt next week with three fishable days ... Tue/Wed/Thurs   (8-2, 8-3, and 8-4).   :)

I tentatively want to head to Trinidad on Tuesday for rockfish ... would love to hook up with anyone.   I have not made specific plans at all.

Bringing my little Hobie Sport.  I guess I'm no longer a newbie -- but had the hobie up here a year ago when I was a brand newbie!  :D

This may be my last time up for a while, daughter is moving to Oakland shortly after this visit.    :'(

So I gotta fish like there's no tomorrow!!!


Kayak & Accessory Reviews / Farmer John & Radio
« on: June 30, 2011, 06:15:30 pm »
After not quite a year in this sport -- I bought my first farmer john wetsuit today because I'm thinking about moving out of the bays.  I got a 2.5 mil NRS "Farmer John"wetsuit and some "booties" that seem appropriate for walking over rocks or sand. Most of the folks who fish down here in SoCal wear waders when they fish but I've only seen the ones who fish on the inside.  Since I seem to be traveling around a bit and I want to venture "outside" more .. time to get a training, a radio and a wetsuit.

 I have my surf launch and landing "lessons" booked for next week and I'll be learning on the "outside" at Cabrillo here in SoCal.     

Finally the question -- I did not spring for the Cobra Marine MR HH90 radio.  It's $54.  That seems like a reasonable price.  It's got a switchable 1/2 or 2 watt output.  Anyone have any opinions on that radio?

ps -- last week I did some fishing out of Santa Cruz.  Didn't do any catching, but still had a great time and met up with a few local fishermen from NCKA who were really nice.

Dave :)

General Discussion / Re: SoCal kayaking (non fishing)
« on: June 02, 2011, 05:53:09 pm »
Oldest of the two wants to go again before she leaves.  Wants to go kayaking up in the bay area, too.  Gotta find a place to rent a kayak near San Jose.

General Discussion / SoCal kayaking (non fishing)
« on: June 01, 2011, 11:45:55 pm »
I have two of my daughters home from college this week.  They'd never been in kayaks before and I've been having so much fun, I took them over to Alamitos Bay here in Long Beach and rented some kayaks and we played.  I took my hobie and rented two more.  I took some cell phone pix.  It was one of those days you know you will treasure.  We had such fun, even if it was just playing around in the bay.  I did fish a little, but not much.  I was much more concerned with keeping them safe.  (Boat traffic and strong winds today.) 

It was so great - I just had to share.  I know it's not Lost Coast or even NorCal but we all come up to Humboldt regularly.  Now I suspect they will be demanding to go kayak fishing with me.  (Older of the two wants to try kayak fishing in the S.F. Bay  -- she's in San Jose.  She took her fishing gear to school with her!)

No comments on their "style" -- we were playing!  I didn't have time to seriously try fishing. 

Days that are priceless .. today was one!   :)


Fishing - General / Re: kayak fishing clinic june 8th
« on: May 31, 2011, 03:36:50 pm »
Wish I could come to that... kind of a long commute from down here...  One day that commute will not be so far.   :)

Fishing - Report / Re: Cabrillo 5-28 success!
« on: May 30, 2011, 01:15:36 am »
Ah -- thanks for that reminder -- on the hookups.  I'm looking forward to that trip.  I may book a ride with Phil Glenn on Shellback one day.

Fishing - Report / Cabrillo 5-28 success!
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:18:40 am »
Had a great time at Cabrillo on the inside this afternoon in spite of the wind.   I caught my first legal halibut today  ;D (released), a short wsb (released), and a 17" spotted bay bass which I kept and ate for dinner.  I was OTW at 3:30 and fished until sundown.

The halibut was  22" and a smidge but I didn't feel  secure with my measurement on my homemade board slopping around in the wind and waves so figured it was better to release the fish.   I was gentle with it and did all I could to take care of it.

I caught all the fish on plastic swim baits with 1.5 ounce leadhead.    Basically I just put in at the boat ramp, drifted out towards the green buoy, pedaled back against the wind -- repeat.  I got bit every time and had several fish on that I didn't manage to land. I got the short wsb near the green buoy and I got the spotted bay bass right up next to the jetty in the kelp near the entrance to the marina.

This odd story, there was a little skunk wandering around at the tip end of the jetty by the boat ramp.  I pedaled over to take his picture and he decided to go swimming!  He started swimming right towards me and I decided it was time to pedal away!  :( I may have been chased by a skunk, but I certainly wasn't skunked.  What a great day, the the bas was quite tasty for dinner!

btw == I'm coming up to Eureka with my hobie on June 13-17.  I hope to fish Trinidad harbor and .. .. ??    :)

Fishing - Report / Cabrillo - back OTW in SoCal
« on: May 25, 2011, 12:17:23 am »
Got my grades turned in at noon and made it OTW on the inside at Cabrillo Beach by 3 pm.  Very windy but oh .. so good to be out fishing again.  I have not had the hobie out since I took it up north to Freshwater Lagoon in March.  Caught (and released) one short sand bass and also caught a herring (a huge one) on a plastic swim bait.  It would have made a great bait but .. I was about to go in so I let it go.  Haven't figure out the image thing here so I used photobucket ..

Maybe tomorrow I will run over to King Harbor.  I've never fished it.  I think I still qualify as a newbie.  I have not had my kayak a year yet.

Will be up in NorCal sometime in June.


General Discussion / Re: Freshwater Lagoon
« on: April 16, 2011, 10:18:54 pm »
I fished FW on the last week of March -- and reports from others fishing there were they had just stocked it on Monday.  And If I can catch fish (caught 4 each day from 8" - 12") then they MUST have been thick.   On Tuesday I of that week I caught them in the south end.   ;D  It was great!

Will be reading about it and wishing I was there.....  :'(

Fishing - Report / Freshwater Lagoon (Reprise) 3-31-2011
« on: March 31, 2011, 10:50:34 pm »
I fished Freshwater Lagoon again today with almost identical results as Tuesday except it wasn't raining.   :)  Was OTW at 1:30 and off at 5:00.  I caught four of the hatchery trout.   One fish was 12" the other three were smaller.   I caught all of them trolling a red spinner.  The fish seemed more spread out today, not concentrated in the southwest end.  I caught the 12" fish almost in the middle of the lagoon, the others were spread around from the west side to the southeast side.  I circumnavigated the entire lagoon while trolling.  It was a tad windy but that's not much of a problem in the hobie.

There were lots of people  fishing. One guy in a bass boat, two guys in inner tubes, and quite a few shore fishermen, mostly in waders, fly-fishing.    They guy in the bassboat was bass fishing and had three, one was pretty nice. (maybe 4 lbs). The guys in the inner tubes were trout fishing and had about the same luck as I did.  They mentioned that the lagoon was stocked on Monday.  One of the shore fishermen said he had tried Stone Lagoon earlier today and had no luck.  (like me, yesterday)

This was my last hurrah for this trip.  I'm headed back to San Jose tomorrow, then LA on Saturday.   It sure is nice up here. My wife tells me it's 80 degrees at home!  I think I like it better up here. -- So it's 299 to I5 tomorrow to avoid the Garberville mudslide!

I'll be back up in June.   ;D


Fishing - Report / Re: Stone Lagoon Strike-Out 3-30-2011
« on: March 31, 2011, 12:25:51 am »
It's interesting posting pix here.  Let's see if I can get the other one posted.

Fishing - Report / Stone Lagoon Strike-Out 3-30-2011
« on: March 31, 2011, 12:23:17 am »
Today I fished Stone Lagoon.  I'm sure this comes as no surprise - I caught nothing. I didn't even see any fish.  The water was chocolate colored .. and just plain muddy close to shore.  :-\

But it was still a great day.  It's so beautiful here in Humboldt.  I put in at the lagoons "information center" off 101 at about 1:30 pm. It was bright & sunny, but I could see the fog bank just at the shoreline. It seemed like a good idea to stay close to the place I put in and that turned out to be smart because a heavy fog came shortly after I got OTW. It was very foggy and somewhat windy the entire time I was out.  I stayed close to shore on the east side.  I can see how easy it would be to become disoriented.  Yes -- I had my compass with me and I know how to use it but I don't know this water and I was alone, so I did not venture far afield.  I trolled and cast my kastmasters with the single barbless hooks and got to enter my first 0 on my steelhead card.  :D

There were a few fly fishermen along the bank & I spoke with one who said the fishing was "pretty good."  But I didn't see him catch anything nor did he have any fish.  He claimed the fish were moving from the breech to the east side of the lagoon and then heading "up the creek."  I have no idea if that's true or not.

I took two pics, one from my kayak looking to the south end of the lagoon in the fog and one from my car at the north end of the lagoon looking south.  The breech is on the south end of the lagoon.  Will try to post here.

I stopped at Big Lagoon on my drive up and the water at the boat ramp is the same chocolate color there.  With that in mind, I think I'm going back to freshwater lagoon tomorrow to finish off my trip uh here.  I have to drive home to LA on Friday -- and I need to keep an eye on that mud slide at Garberville.

So -- tomorrow, back to freshwater lagoon!  ;)

Fishing - Report / Re: Freshwater Lagoon 3-29-2011
« on: March 31, 2011, 12:06:53 am »
Thanks -- having a great time up here, as always -- will post my Stone Lagoon "strike out" in a moment, and try to upload a small pic.   ;D

Fishing - Report / Freshwater Lagoon 3-29-2011
« on: March 29, 2011, 11:24:29 pm »
I'm a socal guy on spring break.  I came up to visit my daughter in Eureka and brought my hobie sport all the way from L.A.  My goal for Spring Break is to try fishing the Humboldt Lagoons.

I stopped by the DFG office in Eureka this morning to get a steelhead card and bought $30 worth of tackle (lures, etc) at Pro Sport Center before heading out today to freshwater lagoon. (I know, no steelhead in that one.)

Of course I got soaking wet, but had a great time.   I got OTW about 12:30.  First I tried bass fishing along the north east end of the lagoon using a rapala like lure and some plastics.  I saw an otter feeding in the shallow water which was a real treat for me -- took a picture but it did not turn out.    I did not see any fish and had no bites. There was a fellow in waders fly fishing along the north west shore.  I did not see him hook up.

When I was up last Christmas I talked to some guys who had caught trout while trolling spinners so I decided to try to cover a lot of water and trolled a spinner while pedaling across the lake towards the south west side.

Did I mention it was raining and I got soaked?

When I got to the south west side, near where 101 comes down to the lagoon, I some fish hitting the surface so I trolled about 10 yards away from shore and caught my first trout on the spinner.  It was 11 inches.  I released it.  It wasn't much longer and I caught another, exactly the same size.  So I just went up and down that area trolling that spinner.  I caught a third, but this fish looked like it hat been hit.  It was scarred, and it wasa little smaller,  10".   All along that bank there were small trout jumping.  I assume they are the planted rainbow trout but I noticed all of them had their adipose fin.  (I thought hatchery fish had that clipped?)   I decided I should cover more water and started on around the south easter side but had no more bites and did not see any fish, so I went back to the spot that produced and caught a final fourth fish that was 11" long. 

By now I was soaked and getting cold so at 4 :14 I decided to pedal back to the care at the north end of the lagoon. I think if I'd have stayed I could have continued catching fish that size there.  It seemed to produce, consistently.  I took a few pix with my soaked cell phone camera.  Will try to attach. [Had trouble posting pix ... will try shrinking and try again, later.]

So -- I have a question .. if you were me, would you go back to Freshwater tomorrow or check out the recently breeched Stone Lagoon or Big Lagoon?  I took a look at both and have not decided which one to try tomorrow!  I love it up here.  :D

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