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Well I am up in the Lost Coast now I left the Central Coast for another beautiful coast line

I want to get out and do some fishing in the next couple days probably going to have to stick to shore fishing for the next two weeks as I did not bring my kayaks up yet will be bringing them up on the 19th when I move all my other stuff. I only have gear for steelhead right now.

So where do I start for them. I dont care on size too much yet just want to get out and catch a fish really.

I plan on either fishing the Klamath or Smith for them but have no idea how to even get to spots to fish.

Anyone want to join in next week on Wednesday the 10th and/or Thurday the 11th for some hard fishing...
Will probably be 15th and 16th as well...

I plan on getting the rest of my stuff up here then and plan on learning alot in the next couple months and maybe even getting my first california steelhead and Salmon. As well as getting my first Slug.



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