Author Topic: GS5 Friday and Saturday Dive?!?!  (Read 506 times)


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Re: GS5 Friday and Saturday Dive?!?!
« on: March 17, 2011, 03:08:22 pm »
I'm all over it, Jim - we're slaves to the conditions there though.  If it's not "nice" then our choices will be limited.  You've progressed so well in your diving, and it may be time for the challenges of extremely low viz!   ;D  JK (kinda) - I hope we get nice clear water, but be ready for something between zero and 10' of viz.   :)

Zero vis or not I'm game!!  ;D

I've actually taken advantage of quite a few minimal viz/high surge days down here and every time I am tempted to just come back another day when conditions are nicer, I remind myself that those kinds of days are EXACTLY what I need to expand my ability to dive and have fun in other places up and down the coast!!

Hunting in those less than ideal conditions is definitely way more of a challenge than the FAC 20+  foot viz days that we have gotten quite a few of down here this winter....

It's awesome to be able to dive in those great conditions, but I have also really enjoyed those days when I had to work HARD just to find a fish, let alone manage to shoot one!!


Looking forward to it fellas!!