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SoCal kayaking (non fishing)


I have two of my daughters home from college this week.  They'd never been in kayaks before and I've been having so much fun, I took them over to Alamitos Bay here in Long Beach and rented some kayaks and we played.  I took my hobie and rented two more.  I took some cell phone pix.  It was one of those days you know you will treasure.  We had such fun, even if it was just playing around in the bay.  I did fish a little, but not much.  I was much more concerned with keeping them safe.  (Boat traffic and strong winds today.) 

It was so great - I just had to share.  I know it's not Lost Coast or even NorCal but we all come up to Humboldt regularly.  Now I suspect they will be demanding to go kayak fishing with me.  (Older of the two wants to try kayak fishing in the S.F. Bay  -- she's in San Jose.  She took her fishing gear to school with her!)

No comments on their "style" -- we were playing!  I didn't have time to seriously try fishing. 

Days that are priceless .. today was one!   :)


Heck ya!!!  Way to go getting them stoked on the yaks.  Seeing parts of the city like that is super cool.

Oldest of the two wants to go again before she leaves.  Wants to go kayaking up in the bay area, too.  Gotta find a place to rent a kayak near San Jose.

That's good stuff, Dave.  Thanks for sharing it here - doesn't have to be Lost Coast!

Get your oldest in touch with some folks from NCKA in SJ and they'll get her all dialed in.  The SF Bay is no place to cut your teeth in this sport.


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