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Hey there everyone!  My name is Jeff and I just wanted to take a second to throw out there a brief introduction.  I've been kayak fishing and diving for just under a year now and have a full on case of the Madness.  I've been shore diving for Abalone for about 5 years now and absolutly love getting under the water!  The addition of a T15 about a year ago has been a game changer in my Ab diving and spearfishing.  I've been on NCKA for a while now, so if you recognize the "handle", yes, its the same guy.  I'm looking forward to getting back up to the lost coast, I was there for GS5 and had a blast!  I'm here to learn and spread what knowledge I have aquired.  I'm looking forward to meeting all of you out there!  See ya around!


Welcome, Bro.  We're trying to get the community built up here - thx for joining in.   :)

Thanks for the Howdy my friend.


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