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Re: rock fishing
« on: March 23, 2011, 08:34:47 pm »
"Rockcod Rig" makes it easy.  Buy some tobacco sacks or 3 or 4 ounce pyramid or medallion sinkers.  The Rockcod Rig is just like a shrimpfly rig, but there are two bare hooks vs the two shrimpflies.  Tie onto the Rockcod Rig, add your weight at the snap swivel end, put some bait on your hooks (squid is an easily acquired mainstay), and you're good to go.  Be ready though - you'll run into some strong fish, so stick with at least 20 pound on your main line, and 25-30 is better.  Let me know when you're going if you want some company.  I'm needing some fresh fish!   :)

Just curious Eric...why the bare hooks instead on the shrimp fly tipped with squid?

I have never caught any fish off the rocks so really have no clue, but was just wondering...I would've though the color on the shrimp flies would help to attract them in?? Or maybe not!  :P