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Trinidad - 6-4


Weather and fishing were much better this past Saturday,,, then they were on the opener.  Spent about 6 hours on the water and ended up with 8 blacks and 3 legal crabs.  Added that to a couple of limits of razor clams,,, and ended up with a group of very happy and full friends during our Sunday afternoon sea food feast!

Nice haul - those are quality blacks.  I like your boat.   :)

Thanks Eric.  The 4.7 is pretty good so far,,, but kinda has got me scratching my head on where/how to mount up some more flush mount tubes.  I'm probably gonna just mount some PVC tubes to my small crate and call it good,,, but the downside to that is I just got the ice box for the stern well,,, so there goes the crate sometimes.

Looks like you guys killed it out on the cape.  Those chinas sure are pretty.  A buddy pulled one in up here on Saturday as well.

Good times OTW!!!


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