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Shelter Cove - 4/10/11


From last night:  Brutal day at the Cove.  Saw lots of fish caught - including a 24 pound 40 incher!  Mostly smaller fish to 15 pounds, but heard of at least one other twenty and several high teens.  I was only able to manage a few strikes and one pretty good one broken off.  Bummers - especially for 8 straight hours of trolling!!  Ouch - I'm torched right now.  Not sunburnt, just so spent - it was an epic marathon of a workout.  I wish I'd have used the GPS to track mileage today - I'd say we did at least 12.  Dan the Boogieman joined us and shared the misery of no fish with me, but Domenic got one around 10 pounds, so we were stoked as a group anyway.  The water wasn't bad, and surprisingly, either was the wind.  We got "boarded" by DFG around 1PM - they actually boarded all the sport boats in the area (15 or so) and came to each of us on kayaks for license and hook check - that was a bit awkward and overkillish for the open water, IMO.  I think the average was well over a fish per rod today, so we didn't fare that well on the yaks, and I'm not sure why.  The fish weren't that deep.  I'm thinking the choppy water slowed us down, and past success trolling may have been on smoother days.  Oh well, gotta take it in stride, be happy for the day and the experience, and look forward to the future.  Good company and a nice ocean were definitely a pleasure.  Thank you to Domenic and Dan for the time on the water together.   :)

I've got some pics, but I'll wait to post them when that function works better.

I will agree- a brutal day on the water! We will get em next time!

Thursday. Maybe Sunday?

Thursday's looking better since we spoke earlier...

Let's see about photo capability. 

Still can't put up a 600 x 800 size photo.


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