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Cabrillo - back OTW in SoCal


Got my grades turned in at noon and made it OTW on the inside at Cabrillo Beach by 3 pm.  Very windy but oh .. so good to be out fishing again.  I have not had the hobie out since I took it up north to Freshwater Lagoon in March.  Caught (and released) one short sand bass and also caught a herring (a huge one) on a plastic swim bait.  It would have made a great bait but .. I was about to go in so I let it go.  Haven't figure out the image thing here so I used photobucket ..

Maybe tomorrow I will run over to King Harbor.  I've never fished it.  I think I still qualify as a newbie.  I have not had my kayak a year yet.

Will be up in NorCal sometime in June.


Way to get out OTW, Dave.  See you this summer.   :)

Maybe when you come up you can bring some sunny & low wind days with you. ;D  OK,,, so after the freakish rain this morning, it is turning out to be a great afternoon.  Cheers.


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