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Cabrillo 5-28 success!


Had a great time at Cabrillo on the inside this afternoon in spite of the wind.   I caught my first legal halibut today  ;D (released), a short wsb (released), and a 17" spotted bay bass which I kept and ate for dinner.  I was OTW at 3:30 and fished until sundown.

The halibut was  22" and a smidge but I didn't feel  secure with my measurement on my homemade board slopping around in the wind and waves so figured it was better to release the fish.   I was gentle with it and did all I could to take care of it.

I caught all the fish on plastic swim baits with 1.5 ounce leadhead.    Basically I just put in at the boat ramp, drifted out towards the green buoy, pedaled back against the wind -- repeat.  I got bit every time and had several fish on that I didn't manage to land. I got the short wsb near the green buoy and I got the spotted bay bass right up next to the jetty in the kelp near the entrance to the marina.

This odd story, there was a little skunk wandering around at the tip end of the jetty by the boat ramp.  I pedaled over to take his picture and he decided to go swimming!  He started swimming right towards me and I decided it was time to pedal away!  :( I may have been chased by a skunk, but I certainly wasn't skunked.  What a great day, the the bas was quite tasty for dinner!

btw == I'm coming up to Eureka with my hobie on June 13-17.  I hope to fish Trinidad harbor and .. .. ??    :)

baymud mo:
very nice catch dave, i can't wait till the cali butts are in humboldt bay. be sure to put in a reminder on the hookups before you come up.  mo

Ah -- thanks for that reminder -- on the hookups.  I'm looking forward to that trip.  I may book a ride with Phil Glenn on Shellback one day.


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