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Gimme Shelter 5 - Kayakfishing Tournament Sunday, May 15th, 2011

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Join a couple hundred of us at Shelter Cove for the entire weekend of the rockfish and lingcod opener! 

Friday, May 13th - @ 5PM - safety seminar/meet and greet/BBQ @ the boat ramp - we'll review the lay of the reef, where not to paddle, the importance of dressing for immersion and self-rescue, hand out tournament packets, shirts, and hoodies, cook up some chicken and maybe even drain a few brews.  Many will also be either diving, shore fishing, or salmon trolling during the day.

Saturday, May 14th - family day/diving/salmon trolling/golf/general madness with the group - @ 5PM we'll have the 1st of two potlucks at The Tides Inn - the challenge will be to get to bed early in preparation for the next morning's tournament!

Sunday, May 15th - dawn to 1PM is fishing time, and check-in of your fish for tournament points runs from 11AM to 2PM at a tent at the ramp.  Angler of the Day (AOTD) format - points per inch for largest of these 8 species:  lingcod, halibut, salmon (all 5 points/inch), rockfish, cabezon (7 points/inch), perch (12 points/inch), flounder/dabs (8 points/inch), and greenling (11 points/inch).  A "one inch" bonus is allowed for a caught, photo'd and released fish, granted the photo clearly shows your fish on a measuring device such as a Hawg Trough.  The AOTD will win some nice trophies plus a new Trident 13 Angler by Ocean Kayak.  We have numerous other nice prizes and some raffle bling too.  At 4PM we'll start the Leftovers potluck and awards ceremony, and some participants have to leave that evening.

Monday, May 16th - more diving, fishing, trolling, beach-combing, potlucking...etc.  Stay as long as you can and enjoy what the Cove has to offer! 

See attached docs for more details - beware of stray details indicating a Saturday tournament, as DFG tripped me up on the opener date...  Part of the mystique of the tournament lies in the murky details!   ;)

Looking forward to it!!

Check WILL be in the mail tomorrow!!





I cant wait till May. Have been spending alot of time in the shop pouring/painting jigs for the opener. There should be plenty!

Some pics of some goody bag schwag and some past prizes and trophies as well as the Shelter Cove Campground.

one pic at a time...


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